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Group Overview

Group Objectives

Create Value for Customers

We are committed to providing superior hospitality along with information, services, and product development that thoroughly accommodates the requests of each of our increasingly diverse and sophisticated customers. We will achieve this and expedite decision-making and the execution of business operations by boldly delegating authority down the line to departments that are closer to customers--that is, from the Group' s head office to operating companies and on to individual stores.

Develop Independent Managers and Employees

Since it first ventured overseas 35 years ago, the company has tried to acquire diverse human resources from around the world. Prompted by the move to a non-operating holding company, we are trying to secure an even broader base of human resources, without regard to age or gender. We aim to nurture truly independent world-class managers and employees by actively promoting these human resources, delegating authority, and clearly defining responsibilities.

Drive Business Development Forward as Only PARIS MIKI Can

  • Positioning our domestic and overseas businesses on the same level and approaching them both from a global management perspective, we will greatly accelerate the growth of overseas business by investing aggressively in burgeoning Asian markets, especially growth markets in China and Southeast Asia.
  • We will create new businesses unique to PARIS MIKI that accommodate the individual and are not constrained by the eyewear category by increasing the new business development functions of the Group' s head office and flexibly allocating management resources.
  • We will pursue long-term and real growth in corporate value by creating synergies through the agile use of M&As and other means in and outside Japan.

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Group Organization

Group Organization

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Group Companies


Website for Eyewear PARIS MIKI and Megane no MIKI, specialty stores for eyeglasses, hearing aids, and contact lenses


An overview of KIMPO-DO, specialty stores for eyeglasses


An overview of Great Inc., which conducts store development, manegement, construction and interior finishing.

Create three Co., Ltd.

An overview of Create three Co., Ltd., which produces eyeglass frames.

Overseas Subsidiaries

List of subsidiaries based outside Japan.